What To Know About Selling Unwanted Jewelry

Refiners — You’ll generally get close to total marketplace worth from refining firms. The issue is that refiners typically only get in bulk. That helps make this an unlikely route for you to promote just a handful of small pieces of gold.

Local jewelers or pawn outlets — The 2nd-greatest spend day can typically be had from these varieties of consumers. Get in touch with all around to ask how significantly they’ll supply for your gold, as soon as you determine its bodyweight employing the tips under. Use the Greater Business Bureau or buyer review sites like Yelp to vet any questionable organizations.

There are quite a few options when it comes to selling that unwanted but not invaluable jewelry that’s been lying around the house or that has been stashed away in that jewelry box for way too long. Some of the options are good, others not so good.
Using what is known as refiners may be the best option. This will probably provide the nearest to full market value you can get. The only catch here is that refiners typically like to buy quantity, so for just a few pieces it may not be ideal. Also know about how to resell jewelry here.

The next best option may require some investigative work, but calling around to local jewelers or pawn shops to find the best offers can potentially return the best value.

Akin to lingerie or Tupperware parties, gold parties can be another avenue to get some return on that old jewelry. Just don’t expect to get the best return with this option, but it can be an enjoyable experience at least.

A last resort may be mail-in-buyers. Be forewarned, as little as approximately 10 percent could be the value received in comparison to the market.

One last thing, always check the antiquity value of that jewelry as any qualifying jewelry as an antique can provide the greatest value. Happy selling and best of luck.