Michael Capponi Gives Back To Haiti

Capponi’s friends are working on a plan to fly visitors in from the neighboring Dominican Republic which has better short distance airlines and regular flights to Haiti.

Tourism still faces major hurdles in Haiti due to poor infrastructure such as electricity and roads, though the country does have nationwide cellphone coverage. Jacmel is blessed with a new airport building, though the runway is too short for large international passenger jets. Instead, visitors must either travel by small plane, or by road from Port-au-Prince, a 46-mile journey through teeming slums and over a mountain range, that can take almost three hours.

Content taken from: http://miamisocialholic.com/2012/05/michael-capponi%E2%80%99s-jacmel-carnaval-birthday-extravaganza/

It seems like Michael Capponi knows what it’s like to pick yourself up out of the mud and bounce back from a hard blow. Although Capponi is a now a very successful business owner and promoter, it’s clear that this hard working ex-heroin addict can see something of himself in a troubled country like Haiti.

After winning his own struggle to beat bad circumstances and rise above, he is paying it forward by helping the vibrant culture of Haiti to recover from the devastating natural disasters and subsequent turmoil its people suffered. In the tragic aftermath of the Haitian earthquake of 2010, Michael Capponi donated his time and money as an early responder, and has continued to help the people rebuild their artistic traditions and tourist trade. His most recent luxury development in Haiti represents a huge first step in bringing success and wealth back to this Caribbean country.